Tuesday, June 9, 2015

2015 in pictures

My year has been, largely, out of Sweden.

I've traveled the Caribbean with my family:

Collected data for a study in Ecuador:

Rented a house on the Ecuadorean coast, worked on my thesis and had lots of fabulous visitors:


Spent Easter in MN with family, friends and new life:

Met a good friend and her brother in Prague:

And eventually, made it back to this simple, great and familiar place I've called home off and on for 2 years:

It's been a great year. I'm so thankful for all the opportunities I have had. The freedom that comes with being a student is coming to an end. I'm not sure what is next, but I will try to continue to live each day fully and take advantage of every opportunity to see the world, develop friendships and see beauty in the little moments.